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Unlocking Democratic Education: 5 Highlights from the DEMOCRAT Conference in Tallinn

Day 1: Unveiling the Role of Education in Democratic Citizenship

The DEMOCRAT Conference in Tallinn offered a stage for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to delve into the crucial nexus of education and democracy. Spanning two days, the conference featured enlightening discussions, research presentations, and collaborative sessions aimed at exploring the challenges and opportunities in democratic citizenship education today.

Inaugural Insights: Embracing Education for Democratic Citizenship

The conference inauguration, graced by key figures including Leif Kalev and Daniel Montolio, set the stage with an overview of the DEMOCRAT project’s objectives. Francisco de la Torre, representing the European Commission, underscored the project’s significance in nurturing democratic values across EU nations.

Keynote Address: Gerry Stoker’s Call for Democratic Engagement

Chaired by Leif Kalev, the first session centered on education’s relevance for democracy. Keynote speaker Gerry Stoker underscored the vital role of democratic citizenship in contemporary society. Subsequently, Beatriz Toscano and Georgios Kostakos explored the conceptual underpinnings of the DEMOCRAT project, sparking pivotal dialogues on the attainability of democracy.

Insights into Democratic Education: EU Perspectives

Following sessions delved into the status of democracy education across EU nations, offering statistical insights, comparative analyses, and case studies from esteemed researchers. These discussions provided valuable insights into the socioeconomic contexts, citizenship values, and political participation trends among European youth.

Day 2: Addressing Challenges and Forging Opportunities in Democratic Citizenship Education

The second day commenced with deliberations on balancing agency and responsibility in citizenship education, spearheaded by Leif Kalev. Panels featuring experts like Mike Osborne and Mare Oja explored the challenges and opportunities posed by digitalization, curriculum adaptations, and teacher readiness in democratic citizenship education.

Interactive Endeavors: Piloting Democratic Citizenship Education

Moderated sessions facilitated interactive discussions, gathering input for the DEMOCRAT project’s pilot initiatives. Adopting a World Café format, participants tackled key questions on pilot focus areas, teacher training, evaluation techniques, and scalability of current practices. These sessions encouraged collaboration and idea exchange among stakeholders, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

Concluding Reflections

The conference culminated with reflections from project advisor Mike Osborne, expressing gratitude to all contributors and organizers. Beyond shedding light on the complexities of democratic citizenship education, the event paved the way for collaborative endeavors and innovative solutions.

Closing Note: Towards a More Inclusive Democracy

As attendees dispersed, some opted for an optional Tallinn medieval tour, symbolizing the journey towards a more inclusive and participatory democracy. The Tallinn Conference stood as a testament to the collective dedication towards fortifying democratic values and nurturing informed citizenship across Europe.

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