The Democrat consortium will produce a number of deliverables, many of them are to be public. These will be published here once they are approved by the REA:

D1.1Data management plan 1UB
D1.3Data management plan 2UB
D2.1RDC & EfD: Vision and competence frameworkUB
D2.2Policy brief – RDC and EfDHSD
D3.1National reports: Education inequalities & political participationUJ
D3.2Comparative analysis: Education inequalities & political participationNotus
D3.4Policy brief: Education inequalities & political participationUJ
D4.1Outline of European EfD curriculaDCU
D4.2Policy brief: European EfD curriculaUH
D5.1Design of local pilot projectsTLU
D5.3Comparative evaluation of local pilot projectsNotus
D5.4EfD learning unit – human geographyUB
D6.1Policy brief: scaling up transformative EfDIPA
D6.2EfD ToolboxDCU
D6.3Practitioner brief: guidelines for scaling up transformative EfDDCU
D7.1Dissemination and exploitation strategyIPA
D7.2Agora platformFOGGS
D7.3Open access publicationUB